The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing provides assistance and support to homeless and at‐risk youth, adults and families to prevent imminent episodes of homelessness and end homelessness for people in San Francisco. Services including outreach, homelessness prevention, emergency shelter, drop‐in centers, transitional housing, supportive housing, short‐term rental subsidies, and support services to help people exit homelessness.

Goals of the Department:

A strategic planning process will take place during HSH’s first year of operation to determine the long‐term goals and benchmarks to which HSH will be accountable. The Department’s big picture goals are:

  • End homelessness for 8,000 people in the next 4 years
  • Reducing the length of time people spend homeless
  • Reducing street homelessness
  • Developing a strategy and plan for addressing homelessness in SF

Priorities of the new department:

  • Housing First—a system focused on permanent housing  & a rapid re‐housing model
  • Building on the culture of client‐centered services within the City’s system of care & housing
  • Continuing to move toward a fully coordinated system with transparency in the housing placement process
  • Ending homelessness for people who have been homeless the longest