Real Estate

HSH’s Headquarters and

Adult Access Point @ 440 Turk Street

HSH is thrilled to be joining the vibrant and historic Tenderloin Community and is busy preparing to move to its headquarters at 440 Turk in January 2020.

Click HSH Headquarters and Adult Access Point for more information and background and who to contact with questions.



Request for Potential Master Leased Buildings or Unit Information


HSH is collecting basic information directly from property owners for possible consideration for master leasing buildings or leasing units (individually or in groups) to support City-funded programs.


If you have a property that you would like HSH to consider, please provide a summary of the site features itemized in the table on the following page. If you have more than one property, please provide a summary for each property. Submission of information is not a commitment on the part of the owner/operator in any form. It is simply a show of interest to explore existing possibilities. HSH will keep the property information on file and contact owners if and when there is funding and interest to explore the property.


Click here to download Site Information worksheet


Please submit completed Site Information worksheet(s) by fax or email attachment to: