Haight Street Resources

Haight Street Resources

Larkin Street Outreach Team Call: (415) 673-0911 ext 481
Provides: snacks, hygiene supplies, clean socks, and crisis intervention

Homeless Youth Alliance: Call (415) 318-6384
Provides: snacks, hygiene supplies, socks, case management, links to medical and mental health care

Drop In Center: Haight Street Referral Center
Open Monday- Friday 11am-2pm
1317 Haight Street
Call: (415) 522-1377


Street Cleaning and Neighborhood Beautification
Youth working with non profits to clean up and make beautiful the Haight Neighborhood include Taking it to the Streets and Larkin Street Services. If you have a compliment about the youth work in the neighborhood or a concern please contact them! And if you are a youth who wants to get involved in the program make sure to reach out:

Taking it to the Streets: (415) 933-3873

Larkin Street Youth Force: (415) 606-7996

Mental Health Services: Huckleberry Youth Services:
Huckleberry offers affordable and accessible mental health services – no one is turned away for inability to pay. There are drop in hours and also pre set appointment times. Call (415) 621-2929 to get started

Also, Huckleberry offers a Teen Hot Line 24 hours: (415) 621-2929


Health Services
Huckleberry Health Clinic: 555 Cole Street
Drop In Clinic for youth up to age 25
Tuesdays 1:30-5:00pm
Thursday 1:30-6:00pm
(415) 386-9398


Syringe Clean up
Proper disposal of sharps is a shared responsibility among a number of stakeholders including community clinics, community-based organizations, local government, injection-equipment users, local businesses, pharmacies, and community members. There are numerous clean up and outreach efforts made throughout the week to ensure the safe disposal of used needles and syringes.

If you have any questions or see syringes please call:
Mary Howe, Homeless Youth Alliance (415) 630-0744 or
Community Health Rapid Response team at (415) 545-8362