Partnerships for Addressing Street Homelessness

Partnerships for Addressing Street Homelessness


Department of Public Health (DPH) provides physical, mental health and substance use care to homeless San Franciscans in a variety of settings. DPH’s street medicine team works closely with SFHOT to provide care and referrals to people living on the streets and in encampments, and also provides clinical care in navigation centers.  DPH’s Sobering Center provides a safe place for rest and assessment for people who are intoxicated on the street. The syringe access and disposal programs include education, outreach, and cleanup of areas with syringe litter. The Environmental Health Branch provides inspections for health hazards in encampments. DPH is a member of the Encampment Resolution Team.


San Francisco Public Works manages ongoing street cleaning, including focused cleaning of encampments through its Hot Spots program; major removal of discarded materials on the day of an encampment resolution; andbag and tag of personal property.Public Works inspectors also have authority to ensure that accessible and safe paths of travel are maintained.  Additionally, Public Works operates the Pit Stop program, which provides clean and safe public toilets, sinks, used needle receptacles and dog waste stations in San Francisco’s most impacted neighborhoods.


San Francisco  Police Department (SFPD) prevents and addresses criminal behavior across the community, including in encampments, and responds to health and safety emergencies. SFPD provides outreach to people in distress and linkages to services; works closely with Public Works, DPH, SFFD, HSH and others on these issues.


San Francisco Fire Department’s EMS 6 pairs paramedics from the Fire Department with members of the Homeless Outreach Team to meet the medical and social service needs of people on the streets who are high users of emergency medical services.


311 and Department of Emergency Services (911) dispatches emergency and non-emergency resident calls for service. 311 accepts and triages citizen requests related to homeless encampments, requests for wellness checks and street cleaning.


People Living in Encampments:  Given the shortage of shelters, navigation centers, and housing the City is unable to resolve all encampments immediately.  HSH is working with people living in the encampments to improve safety and cleanliness for them and the surrounding community.