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Local Homeless Coordinating Board


Mission: The Local Homeless Coordinating Board within a “Housing First” model envisions developing a continuum of services whose ultimate goal is to prevent and eradicate homelessness in the City and County of San Francisco. All efforts are aimed at permanent solutions, and the range of services is designed to meet the unique and complex needs of individuals who are threatened with or currently experiencing homelessness.


The Local Board was formed in 1996 to oversee the integrated health, housing, employment, and social service system described in the 1996-2001 Continuum of Care plan, which was drafted by the Homeless Budget Advisory Task Force. The Board has been meeting monthly since it was formed, coordinating the City’s homeless policy, McKinney funding, and Continuum of Care implementation. The purpose of the Board is to help ensure a unified homeless strategy that is supported by the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, City departments, nonprofit agencies, peoples who are homeless or formerly homeless and the community at large.


On January 10,  2005, the Board passed a resolution to reconfigure the makeup of the Board. The Board is now made up of nine members; half of the members are appointed the mayor, half by the Board of Supervisors, and the odd number member to be appointed by a neutral party (Controller).


The functions of the Board include: oversee the HUD McKinney process, review and comment on local homeless legislation, monitor the implementation of the Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness and gather community input on homelessness. In addition to its ongoing responsibilities, the Local Board is charged with developing, monitoring, and updating San Francisco’s five-year Continuum of Care Plan, bringing the varying perspectives of the City, community agencies, and consumers together to guide the development and implementation of the continuum of housing and services for homeless people.


2018 Standing Committees

Funding Committee

Co-Chair(s): James Loyce
Coordinates and manages the McKinney-Vento application process and explores new revenue streams for existing programs that may be phased out of the McKinney-Vento funding stream.

Funding Committee

Archived Agendas, Minutes and Documents 


Coordinated Entry / ONE System Committee (Formerly HMIS)

Co-Chair(s): Erick Brown
The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Committee will focus on the training, governance, privacy and other key matters related to the San Francisco HMIS– the database used to track homeless services and housing for the San Francisco Continuum of Care.

Adult\Family Coordinated Entry

Youth Coordinated Entry 

Archived Agendas, Minutes, and Documents

Policy/Legislation Committee

Co-Chair(s): Kim-Mai Cutler
Reviews all local homeless initiatives and advise the Mayor and Board of Supervisors before any new measures are adopted.
Archived Agendas, Minutes, and Documents