Homeless Outreach Team

Homeless Outreach Team


The San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team (SFHOT) works to engage and stabilize the most vulnerable homeless individuals by placing them into shelter and housing. To make these placements SFHOT works in small teams to provide outreach and care management to homeless people living on the streets of San Francisco who have severe illnesses.  Services are provided by teams with expertise in the complex issues that are barriers to stability for this population.

Outreach Services:

  • Skilled teams working a neighborhood beat provide practical support, information and referral, and in depth assessment and case management for the most vulnerable and at risk.

Case Management:

  • Stabilizes individuals by addressing the numerous day-to-day and long-term problems related to homelessness.
  • Provides shelter beds and stabilization rooms within the severely limited resources available.
  • Works to connect each person with shelter and housing
  • Develops a stabilization plan for each of the individuals SFHOT works with to reduce the harms of homelessness.


Street Medicine:
Medical staff joins outreach services to help transition people living on the streets into shelter and housing.  The street medicine team provides healthcare using an adapted patient centered medical home model. The street medicine team assess patients and establish care for chronic conditions such as medical, mental health, substance use, and cognitive disorders.  Additionally, the team provides health care services in shelter and Navigation Centers.